About myself...

Philippe Thierry a.k.a Philou
Hardware security specialist, Embedded systems
GPG public key:
FCDD F6D7 27B4 4BCD 06FF 1A32 C89D 5712 DF94 5F6F
Debian Developer (DDPO page)
For Debian-related question, please use philou [at] debian [dot] org.

If you have question on the bellowing content, mail me on info [at] reseau-libre [dot] net

PhD thesis

P. Thierry (Univ. Paris XII): “Systèmes véhiculaires à domaines de sécurité et de criticité multiples : une passerelle systronique temps réel”
Thesis made in collaboration with Thales Communications and Security
Thesis defence date: 2014-07-02